NTT DATA Design Network

Our goals

Our goal is to help companies create and deliver products and services with maximum impact.
Our strength comes from operating on the global level with a single professional vision, yet each
one of our studios adds its own individual value through its unique cultural identity.
We are a network of studios providing our services with a design driven approach.

What we do

We support clients develop new business by leveraging our global vision
and strengthening it with the local needs of each country.

  1. As an international network, we use methodology that is scalable at a global level throughout our studios, yet customizable to meet individual country needs.
  2. NDDN answers to the demand for competitiveness within a multidisciplinary team that creates disruptive products and services.
  3. Our studios share common know-how, best practices, and success stories to develop our client’s business worldwide and help them grow in new markets.

How we do it

NDDN studies the context and market using customer experience, followed by appropriate design
concept and development of a final prototype.

In each step of the production process, we ask ourselves some key questions. What does the customer need? Does the product or service fulfill a real need of our customer? Can we make it clearer?
We choose a non-standardized structure. Each studio develops products and services with different approaches that are linked to and inspired by the culture of the territory they will be used in.

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What are you looking for? search