5G Evolution Summit


5G Evolution Summit

The rollout of 5G is still in its early phase: the technology continues to evolve with the forthcoming 5G-Advanced specifications that will extend the capabilities of 5G systems from the core network through to the radio access network (RAN) and the edge. 5G still has a lot to offer consumers, business and enterprises, and this summit investigates the challenges and opportunities it provides.
Fernando Rex, Partner, Head of Network Business & Operations Services Practice for Telecom Sector, Europe, NTT Data, and Sharad Sharma, Vice President Head of Network and B2B Business at NTT DATA UK&I will join a roundtable / Live Q&A. Taiji Doi, 5G Business Promotor, Telecom and Utility Business Sector, NTT DATA Corporation, will be on 1 on 1 interview with Telecom TV.

Date and Time

19 – 20 October, 2022