Application Development & Management

NTT DATA provide a one-stop-shop where several facilities come together to collaborate. The teams deliver an End-to-End approach, starting from business strategy/IT consulting up until Application Maintenance. Projects are aiming to offer our customers a differential value and deliver a more efficient and quality software.

NTT DATA deliver an End-to-End approach, starting from business strategy/IT consulting up until Application Maintenance. Projects are aiming to offer our customers a differential value and deliver a more efficient and quality software.

Build it right and fast
Evolution of application development in a new era

Take advantage of the latest application innovations and trends while exploring new ways to solve your critical business challenges.
Integrate and modernize your new and legacy applications into flexible, agile architectures that improve performance and drive market growth. Put product market speed and high-quality professionalism at the front of your goals.
With NTT DATA's innovation effort, our own developed IP helps to complete complex application developments faster than ever and manage the entire cycle of software development tailored to customer needs.

Application Development & Management Services

Consultation Service

NTT DATA’s IT architects will work closely with you to align your business strategies and supporting technologies. In addition, our application design foundation and technology-neutral approach allow us to provide multiple innovative architectural options that can help you build a lasting, adaptable IT foundation to support continuing growth cost-effectively.

Value Stream Management

NTT DATA believes that with proper Value Stream Management practices illuminating the way, we can accelerate the “currents” of business value flowing through your organization with an aligned Product Delivery Model. We look at your Value Streams from E2E not just from a technical delivery standpoint. We evaluate, perform analysis and map your product flow all the way through your Product Value Delivery Operating Model. We can help your organization optimize your flow by understanding the bottlenecks and painpoints and help provide solutions and strategies to help break down the bottleneck, and problem flow points.

Agile Transformation

NTT DATA helps clients with their whole Agile Transformation journey by developing large-scale Agile/DevOps organizations and supporting large-scale Agile/DevOps transformations using a framework like SAFe® driving Business Value.

DevOps & Service Centricity

Development and operations are no longer worlds apart. Reduce the application development lifecycle and improve quality through our DevOps services. NTT DATA focuses on leveraging best practices of the DevOps culture, methodologies, and automation to enable innovative technical solutions and enhance them into services that bring value to the customer.

Cloud Native Development

NTT DATA helps clients accelerate their digital business by engineering, developing, integrating, and optimizing different types of applications that materialize code and cloud benefits using modern, state-of-the-art, next-generation technologies, methods and cloud-native practices.

Low Code Application Development

NTT DATA has helped clients innovate across all phases of the application lifecycle for over three decades.
One of the many benefits of using low-code/no-code application development is that personnel and subject matter experts can create more intimately linked apps to the solution needed. It enhances time to value by eliminating poor translations, resulting in deliverables that meet user requirements and other required criteria by utilizing various LCP products and proprietary IP Dedalow.

Application Modernization

NTT DATA's Application Modernization services take a comprehensive, total lifecycle approach, enabling you to systematically identify and pursue opportunities for modernization. This also helps modernization, development & integration of enterprise-grade secure (cloud-native) applications cost-effectively and reliably with extensive knowledge of legacy applications.

Testing & SW Quality Assuranace

NTT DATA builds quality into software from the start through our Quality Assurance and Testing services including performance testing, functional testing, mobile testing and specialized testing, among others.
Utilizing proprietary technology, development environments and world-class QA and automation testing tools, including IP, NTT DATA can help you reduce the time to market for your applications while improving software quality.

Application Management Services

NTT DATA Application Management Services delivers enterprise application management outsourcing and modernization, and digital management services.
Next Generation AMS enables digital transformation and innovation to reduce cost, complexity and optimize the application portfolio performance.
Optimize your IT application environment to generate more value and stimulate innovation with new technologies such as process automation and chatbots to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Application Development & Management Expertise

Number of Application Development expertise


NTT DATA has nearly 50,000 people working in the area of SW Development. We have a variety of experts, for example Software Engineering Approaches (e.g. Agile / DevOps methods), API and Integration, technical architecture and cloud, quality engineering etc.

Number of Scaled Agile expertise


We have 150+ SPCs (SAFe Program Consultants) and 2,000+ non-SPC certified employees around the world, and provide consulting, coaching, and educational services to support the introduction and practice of SAFe in a way that meets the needs and issues of our customers.


Number of Low Code expertise


More than 5,600 certified experts are able to support and develop digital transformation projects using Low Code platforms, including our own IP.
We have developed more than 1,300 projects using Low Code platforms for helping our customers to support their digital transformation. We go together with the customer in the entire lifecycle, including consulting and planification of low-code introduction, onboarding an adoption of low-code, applying it to digital transformation, and productive models scalability, including governance and control.

Success stories

Agile Transformation of Global Insurance Company

NTT DATA supported the global insurance company with their agile transformation by implementing the SAFe® Framework, coaching and training of business, IT and management in the application of SAFe®, executing value stream workshops and introducing Portfolio Management. Overall, NTT DATA helped the customer moving from a traditional waterfall-oriented organization to a purely agile one.

Conception and Implementation of a DevOps Operating Model for a newly created department

The central system for the management of all vehicle sensor data was developed and maintained by different teams in the past. The Automotive OEM decided to create one central department responsible for the development and maintenance of this system. NTT DATA created and implemented a DevOps Operating model for this newly created department with clear agile team structures, automated deployments, monitoring and reporting, worldwide 24x7 support concept and clear SLAs/KPIs within feature teams and towards service consumers and stakeholders.

Retail Wholesale Integration Layer Global Automotive OEM

Modernization of the central legacy system for master data & security critical functions accessed by all local markets of the OEM. NTT DATA provided a cloud-native integration layer with self-service APIs supporting a wide variety of batch, real-time integration patterns & fast onboarding of local markets.

BMW Car Configurator - Cloud-based Integration platform

Together with NTT DATA BMW has implemented a new generation of the online configurator. Realized goals include an optimal user experience as well as the best possible presentation of the new electric vehicles. Analyses show that the simple and clearly selectable elements significantly improve the usability for users.

Disrupt Life Closed Books business by delivering a Customer, Advisor and Staff portal

We delivered a multi-channel solution across the different regions (United States of America and Australia) for a global Insurance customer. NTT DATA assembled multi-disciplinary teams with strong business and technical knowledge to support the complete life cycle of the project and developed the different portals (customer, staff and agent) using the OutSystems platform. By delivering this project, it was possible to shut down the old portals without affecting the current business operation and it created a solid foundation to release future functionalities iteratively, across the different portals.

New ways of working after COVID-19

We implemented with OutSystems a solution to adapt to the new reality during and after COVID-19 pandemic in a utility company EDP (Energias de Portugal). A web and mobile application were delivered which allows the employees to book office spaces (e.g. desks, car parking lots and canteen / lunch spaces). The solution was inspired and based on our accelerator – Space Management. By delivering this project we brought some outcomes to our customer as: the ability to return to the office in accordance with the rules defined by the authorities, the support of new ways of working,  the possibility to audit and enforce health authorities' guidelines, and take real estate decisions based on real data.

Marketing CRM Events Manager

When our customer (Santander Bank) had the challenge to connect with their clients, NTT DATA suggested extending the Salesforce solution to tackle it. Extending Salesforce Platform and Salesforce Community we created a centralized solution with all customer information, increased the customer insights and minimized operational risks by standardizing the event management process.

Cloud native development using Dedalow

Dedalow has been applied to a project in the banking industry for developing microservices in Java for the Digital on-Boarding application using the new architecture established by the customer and has demonstrated that can generate important efficiences that the customer can get benefit (estimated 40% of efficiencies vs traditional coding). In addition to a price reduction, the client obtained a faster time to market thanks to apply Dedalow to the project.

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