Career development opportunities

NTT DATA is dedicated to nurturing future company leaders to bring innovative change in the organization through training, development and mentoring.


We treasure our employees' development

NTT DATA offers various employee development programs. In addition to local training opportunities, we have developed training programs across the globe to ensure we nurture future international leaders.

To provide a greater number of employees with global business opportunities, NTT DATA is strengthening ties among the human resource departments of major group companies in the Americas, EMEA, APAC, and China, as well as Business Solutions and everis, centering around our headquarters in Tokyo.

“NTT DATA is dedicated to nurturing employees and bringing innovative changes to the organization."

Global Leadership Program

The Global Leadership Program was launched in 2010. Executive trainees from overseas group companies come together to share their experiences and learn from each other while utilizing some of the world’s top executive trainers. From 2013 we have continued to send employees from our headquarters in Japan to an EMEA-organized program as part of an initiative which is aimed at strengthening cooperation with regional companies. Not only do we send employees abroad from Japan, but we also transfer overseas personnel to our headquarters in Japan and EMEA employees to China. This initiative helps to provide opportunities for more interaction and international collaboration. 

Corporate Support for Degree Programs and Certifications

NTT DATA offers a variety of training opportunities to support our employees' growth, including degree programs and certifications from respected universities.
Building competencies for employees is crucial for us to meet our dynamic business environment. NTT DATA has implemented a comprehensive learning and certification plan to support employees' career progress. In direct support for being awarded degree and certification, we also send our employees to MBA/ LLM programs of top universities.
Forthcoming, we continue to foster more opportunities to support employees' self-growth.

Digitalization and globalization alignment with external institutions

To foster expertise to adopt digitalization and globalization, NTT DATA is actively working with educational institutions and promoting mutual training opportunities within the group.
Since 2018, with the help of Politecnico di Milano, we have organized a service design training program in Milan, Italy for acquiring practical design skills at world's leading universities.
In addition, as part of our digital strategy, we promote Digital Competency CoE and enhance global group-wide training. We strive to increase the number of advanced technology personnel in AI, Blockchain, Digital Design and DevOps areas to 5,000 globally by 2021.
Moreover, since 2019, in cooperation with external specialized organizations, we offer e-learning English training not only for employees but also for their families to strengthen global responsiveness.

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