Respond to climate change

NTT DATA Group has strived to reduce the environmental impact of its IT systems and business activities. NTT DATA has formulated "NTT DATA Carbon Neutral Vision 2050", addressing climate change issues that have become increasingly serious in recent years.

Information technology has brought many innovations to our lives. In this sence responding to climate change, the use of information technology is essential.

"Green Innovation of IT" promotes our own efforts to make carbon neutral.
"Green Innovation by IT" aims to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality for clients and society as a whole, and enhances our company's ability to respond to climate change (resilience) in the event of abnormal weather, by utilizing digital technologies and collaborating with clients.
Through these two "Green Innovation", we aim to realize new society in response to climate change.

Based on our unweaving commitment to "create a better society through information technology," we will aim to tackle climate change issues with advanced technologies.

Representative Director and Senior Executive Vice President


Based on its environmental policies and targets, NTT DATA established "NTT DATA Carbon-neutral Vision 2050" to realize carbon neutrality by 2050.

NTT DATA has revised the NTT DATA Carbon-neutral Vision 2050, its plan for responding to climate change, by adding a new long-term target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. To ensure that targets are met by 2050, NTT DATA has also set a near-term target for carbon neutrality in Scope 1 and 2 by 2040.

NTT DATA Carbon-neutral Vision 2050

To realize carbon-neutral society by 2050, NTT DATA promotes Green Innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its supply chain, while contributing to the greening of clients and society.

We commit to achieving carbon neutrality in Scope 1 and 2 by 2040, and net zero in Scope 1, 2, and 3 by 2050.

Climate Action Committee

In November 2020, NTT DATA established the Climate Action Committee under the NTT DATA Carbon- Neutral Vision 2050 to promote company-wide efforts to tackle climate change issues. Through this committee, we will manage the activities of each business division and strengthen initiatives for social contribution through our business, such as green business, green power, green purchasing, and workstyle innovation.

Green innovation of ITGreen innovation of IT

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the company's supply chain

Greenhouse gas emissions by FY 2030
60% reduction (compared to FY 2016)


Green innovation by ITGreen innovation by IT

Contributing to greening of society and clients through the use of IT

Emerging and expanding green business
(contributing to greening through business)

Themes to be examined Green of IT
Reduction of in-house CO2 2 emissions
Green by IT
Greening society and clients
green business
Contributing to decarbonization by clients and increasing our company's presence
Green innovation of IT Green innovation by IT
The Green Business Subcommittee discusses "By IT"
green power
Utilization of renewable energy
Green innovation of IT
green purchasing
Promoting carbon emission reductions throughout our supply chain
Green innovation of IT
Workstyle Innovation・NewNormal
Workstyle Innovation, telework, productivity improvement
Green innovation of IT

Themes to be examined

Green Business
Contributing to decarbonization by customers and increasing our company's presence
Green innovation of IT
Green innovation by IT
The Green Business Subcommittee discusses "By IT"
Green Power
Utilization of renewable energy
Green innovation of IT
Green Purchasing
Promoting carbon emission reductions throughout our supply chain
Green innovation of IT
Work Style Reform・NewNormal
Work style change, telework, productivity improvement
Green innovation of IT

Efforts to achieve the SBT 1.5℃ target

Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets of companies based on the Paris Agreement

Our group established greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets for 2030, and received certification from the SBT (Science Based Targets) initiative.

Our group's greenhouse gas emission reduction targets Scope 1 and Scope 2
60% reduction from FY 2016 level by FY 2030 (1.5℃ target)
55% reduction from FY 2016 level by FY 2030

SBT Target Achieved

55% reduction from FY 2016 level by FY 2030
  • Capital goods
  • Fuel and energy not included in Scope 1 and 2
  • Waste
  • Leased asset
60% reduction from FY 2016 level by FY 2030
55% reduction from FY 2016 level by FY 2030

Participation and approval of initiatives, etc.

In September 2021, NTT DATA joined "Green Software Foundation",an initiative to develop software development specifications that meet global standards.
Through these activities, we will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by society as a whole not only from the hardware side but also from the software side such as system development and operation.

Details (News Releases)

Examples of NTT DATA's efforts to contribute to the greening of society

TradeWaltz (Realization of a new ecosystem) Green Business

With the introduction of TradeWaltz, a trading platform that uses Blockchain technology, all of the paper-based transactions that were previously conducted between trading companies and trade practitioners have been digitized.
We expect to significantly reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Analog trade
paper-based communication between trading companies and trade practitioners

Digital trade
100% electronic interaction via trade platform "TradeWaltz" using Blockchain technology

Optimization of distribution、Reduction of paper documents transport、Reduction of paper documents

Quantum Computer Applications for Climate Change (Application of the latest technology to greening) Green Business

Established NTT DATA Quantum Computer/Next-Generation Architecture Laboratory in January 2019.
Quantum computers can instantaneously calculate the optimal solution that would explode when using conventional computers, helping to reduce energy load and solve climate change problems through many optimizations.

For example, by optimizing the delivery route for beverage and change replenishment to vending machines by multiple trucks, we will reduce traffic volume and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Activities for energy conservation and renewable energy Green power

The Mitaka Data Center EAST was established in April 2018 to reduce environmental impact and build a safe and secure social infrastructure.
The environmental performance of use of reclaimed water(*1) and high-efficiency air conditioners has been evaluated, and we have obtained GOLD certification for LEED(*2) version 4.
This is the first data center facility in Japan to acquire certification.

  • *1 Water that recirculates domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater. Concretely, it is used for water for flush toilet, etc.
  • *2 Mitaka Data Center EAST obtained LEED GOLD certification
Effect1 Reduction of environmental impact through outside air cooling
PUE(*3) = 1.3 or Less

By adopting a system in which natural energy (outside air) is directly taken in and circulated throughout the building, power consumption for air conditioning is greatly reduced and environmental impact is reduced.

  • *3 Power Usage Effectiveness
Effect2 Greenhouse gas reduction by photovoltaic power generation panels
Greenhouse gas reduction (annual) = 16,813 kg (FY 2019 results)

A total of 90 kW of solar panels are installed on the roof, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases by using clean energy.

Resilience Enhancement with the World's Most Accurate 3D MapsGreen Business

As climate change causes extreme weather events and disasters on a global scale, it is necessary to develop disaster-resistant cities, airports, ports, and other social infrastructure such as electricity, as well as to conserve forest resources.
In order to do this, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the location (suitability and vulnerability of infrastructure installation), and to do so, it is necessary to analyze a high-precision 3D map and various information in combination.
NTT DATA has supported more than 2,000 projects in more than 130 countries using AW3D.
AW3D is a "digital world 3D map" that uses satellite images captured by satellites with the world's highest accuracy, and NTT DATA collaborates with the Remote Advanced Technology Center to process and provide world-class image processing.
In collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), NTT DATA is undertaking research to improve the accuracy of 3D maps by utilizing new technologies being developed by JAXA.
After the realization, we plan to conduct research on the application of the urban digital twin(*4) to smart cities and the understanding of forest resources to the environmental field.

Top Left:Communication infrastructure developmen
Bottom Left:Disaster Mitigation
Top Right:AW3D Enhanced(San Francisco)
Bottom Right:Ortho Imagery(San Francisco)

Advanced Image Processing Algorithm x High-performance Data Processing System

  • *4 Regarding cities, based on data acquired from sensors, etc., various elements such as infrastructure such as buildings and roads, economic activities, flow of people, etc. are reproduced like "twins" in cyberspace.

Creating new businesses for mobility services (Co-Creation of TOYOTA Connected and NTT DATA)Green Business

TOYOTA Connected, which develops Toyota Motor Corporation's mobility service platform and utilizes data collected from connected cars, and NTT DATA have teamed up to create new mobility businesses.

Enhancement of Mobility Services Platform and Global Expansion of Connected Cars with regard to the Smart City Intiative

Strengthening and upgrading of development and operational capabillties for Mobility Service Platform

Expanding the platform business on a global scale

Contribution to the realization of the Smart City concent

New sales store utilizing Avatar remote customer service toolsGreen Business

Improved convenience for shopping by enabling remote customer service at various sales floors even from distant locations.

Using videos and posters to show customers the service and guide them to the sales floor

Creating ease of contact with avatar call screen integrated with product display

A beauty concierge at a remote location displays a supplementary image to show each customer a recommended product.

Remote control via avatars reduces energy for the movement of people and goods and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Emotions are estimated based on the gender, generation, and facial expression of the customer, and conversation data are combined to meet the customer's needs.

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