Discover about the frameworks we’ve put in place to support our ongoing and systematic efforts to protect the environment.

Organization for Promoting Environmental Activities

The environmental activities of NTT DATA are carried out within the following organizational framework:
The NTT DATA Group observes the ISO 14001 requirements for continuous improvement by setting three-year medium-range targets for the reduction of environmental impact and handling them as a group.

FY 2021 Targets for EMS group

[ Reducing environmental impact within the NTT DATA Group ]

Activities Target Value Definitions Base Year FY2019 FY2021
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent) 2013 within plus 5% over 0% reduction
Reduce copy paper purchased Copy paper purchased (total value: number of conversion) 2013 over 4% reduction over 4% reduction
Reduce waste for final disposal Volume of final disposal 2013 over 80% reduction* over 80% reduction*
Reduce waste for final disposal Final disposal rate (volume of final disposal / total emissions) - less 1.0%* less 1.0%*
  • *Figures revised to exclude effective utilization of thermal energy (thermal recycling) generated by incineration at final disposal from final disposal.

[ Reducing environmental impact outside the NTT DATA Group ]

Activities Target Value Definitions Base Year FY2019 FY2021
Reduce the environmental impact of society through the promotion of Green IT We will contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions of society by at least n times more than the NTT DATA Group’s own emissions. - 4 times 4 times

[ environmental contribution activities of the NTT DATA Group ]

Activities Target Value Definitions Base Year FY2019 FY2021
Social and environmental contribution activities Number of activity participants - over 4,700 over 4,900

The targets apply to operations within the scope of NTT DATA Group's ISO 14001 certification.

Green NTT

The NTT Group, which includes the NTT DATA Group, has been working hard to protect the global environment under the NTT Group Ecology Program 21. As an additional weapon against global warming, the entire NTT Group is cooperating in the “Green NTT” initiative, which intends to increase the use of renewable energy sources with a particular focus on solar power systems.

Under the program, NTT Green LLP, a limited liability partnership, was established in August 2008 to help expand the use of solar power and other natural energy sources within the NTT Group. In addition to installing solar power systems with a total capacity of five megawatts within the NTT Group by 2012, future objectives include cooperation with local governments and businesses to help expand the use of natural energy outside the group.

Our plan to install a solar energy system at NTT DATA Corporation’s main office is in progress. Additionally, we will take advantage of NTT Green LLP in the deployment of solar power systems and other renewable energy sources.