Jacqueline Collis

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Jacqueline Collis

Associate Director – BPO Practice


Jacqueline originally comes from Kolkata in the east of India, and is based in Gurgaon, near to New Delhi with her family where she has worked for NTT DATA since 2005. She has an interesting and diverse background, which includes having a Loreto school convent education combined with her life experience of Bengali, Anglo Indian and Cantonese cultures due to her mixed family heritage. She has a passion for hip hop and jazz routine dancing and loves to unwind by using her knowledge of various food cultures to cook for her family.

Championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in India.

Tell us about an interesting project

Within our industry it is taken for granted that helpdesk services are staffed by engineers. This is because technical know-how is seen as important in this role. However, back in 2012, NTT DATA asked me to set up a new helpdesk service using only people from the BPO practice. This kind of Level 1 service opportunity had never previously been staffed by anyone other than engineers, so it was a great honor and challenge to be asked to put a team together for this service.

The first step was location, so I took a team of all women BPO staff with me to Hyderabad to get things started. The work is very technical, but with only one month’s worth of training, we were able to handle Ticket Incidents and Priority Tickets 24/7 including performing multiple tasks like on-boarding and off-boarding etc. It was a memorable project for me because it proves that with some dedication and use of a diverse workforce can achieve big results. Today, the team has gone global, which I think proves the worth of the task we were originally presented with.

Describe a regular working day

I generally work at home these days but do still occasionally go into the office to work. My main challenge in my role is to manage 100 to 200 different people at a time due to the complexity of my projects. I can do this equally well at home or at the office, so I am flexible in my work style.

Being offered the chance to work flexibly is something that I value with NTT DATA because autonomy in how I approach my daily routine is important to me. Moreover, working at home sometimes and going into the office gives me a pretty decent balance between work and life duties.

What do you like most about NTT DATA?

I come from very humble beginnings, but the values instilled in me from a child in the convent and through my family have stayed with me to this day. So, it matters to me that NTT DATA have a strong set of values that align with mine, the most important of which is diversity.

I am the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion for BPO India, and I use that opportunity to leverage my Chinese, Anglo Indian and Bengali upbringing to further the cause of diversity and to grow personally within the company. I’ve had a plethora of opportunities to build my career and would, if asked without hesitation, recommend NTT DATA as a place to work, learn and grow for any aspiring go-getter.

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