Open Charging Station Controller (OCC)  for the development of future mobility society 

The management system platform to further the progress of Connected Car

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The automobile is shifting from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles as the world races toward cleaner energy. In a phase of major changes, the term electro-mobility means more than just the exchange of natural gas-powered cars with electric ones.
NTT DATA has been interested in intelligent mobility (i-Mobility) for a decade now, as cities around the globe are becoming “Smart Cities”. In order to shape automobile industry’s future, we support companies by examining their business models, and partnering for the development of future mobility concepts.
We especially focus on the three fields: OCC (Connected Car), Car Sharing, and Urban Mobility Marketplace.

A new charging management system: The “OCC”

In the era of electric cars, many European countries plan to end sales of gas and diesel cars in the near future. One of most significant issues around electric vehicles (EVs) is “range anxiety”, which describes the fear felt by drivers while driving an electric car that the battery will run out of power before reaching the destination or a charging station. The number of electrical vehicles continues to increase but EV charging infrastructure remains underdeveloped and insufficient. Therefore, there has been a growing demand from charging station operators throughout Europe for an electric vehicle charging network.
In order to help solve the problem, NTT DATA has developed the OCC (Open Charging Station Controller), a charging point management system. It enables the charging infrastructure of different manufacturers to be used with a uniform and intuitive user interface while providing user authentication options such as SMS, QR codes and RFID cards.

Certified by Hubject GmbH, a joint venture established by six car manufacturers and major electric power companies in Germany, the OCC has been successfully engaging in the European market. Especially in Austria and Germany, our system plays a vital role in increasing the number of charging stations and opening the way to the vision of future mobility using green energy.
NTT DATA’s technology enables charging station operators to easily offer third-party providers the possibility to charge electric vehicles in a Hubject platform called “intercharge”. Our open and vendor-independent management system serves as an administration platform for e-charging points and e-mobility services. It also handles reservations, evaluations and load management, achieving a simple and user-friendly charging station interface.

“The OCC is the most advanced system in Europe, and this solution was made possible precisely because of the innovative applications developed by NTT DATA, our trusted long-time partner.”

- Mr. Jürgen Halasz, Head of Energy efficient solutions at Wien Energie GmbH -

Mobility concept for the future

The OCC can be easily incorporated into any network system not only in Europe but also in other regions across the globe. NTT DATA’s charging management solution has opened the way to building charging stations regardless of the electricity provider, and it is one of the examples of our i-Mobility systems.
An intelligent network that provides convenience and safety with innovative services is what we believe in. We contribute to creating green cities with our i-Mobility systems as an implementation partner of the technical interface.
As a global innovator offering cutting-edge solutions, NTT DATA is eager to participate in the development of infrastructures that promote sustainable living.