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Super Teach

NTT DATA Romania, Romania

NTT DATA Romania has supported 'Super Teach' since 2019 because the event increase the quality of the education system and contents for the present students. Those students may become our colleagues in the future. The purpose of the Super Teach project is to help teachers develop and learn modern teaching tools and methods that they can apply to their students. This autumn in 2020, Cluj-Napoca is hosting the largest event dedicated to teachers and all those interested in education. The event is expecting 3,000 participants, with over 20 speakers and over 30 workshops focused on children's development. We want to encourage teachers who do things differently and bring a positive change in education.

Because of COVID-19 in 2020, the ONG Romanian Business Leader (organizer of Super Teach) organizes only online events in the form of 3 conferences two in May and one in June and more webinars. The purpose of these online events was to help teachers to handle the actual situation caused by COVID-19 in the Romanian education system. The teachers learn from these online events how to manage online lessons.

We keep interested to invest in teachers for the future.


SUSTAINABILITY > Community > Super Teach

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