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At NTT DATA, we support the growth of our customers' businesses and aspire to achieve a sustainable society together. To do so, we have established a technology strategy that aims to enhance our capabilities to build systems based on the understanding of our customers and advanced technological capabilities accumulated over the years, as well as improve our ability to connect people, companies, and society by supporting various corporate systems and industrial infrastructure.

Through a joint R&D approach that applies advanced technologies to solve issues faced by our global customers, we seek to identify not only technologies that are available today, but also those that will become popular in the future, and promptly put them into use globally.
In addition, we have defined Focus Technologies and intend to develop proprietary technologies enabling system development that satisfies the digital age requirements for high productivity and agility. This technology will be provided to our clients as a common global asset. On top of that, we employ high-tech talent to ensure a continuous value proposition.
Through these activities, NTT DATA plans to realize its technological capabilities as a leading global company and maximize the value it provides to customers.

Hiroshi Tomiyasu, Head of Technology and Innovation General Headquarters

Dataspace Connector Research Report

In Europe, many organizations and companies support ideas and initiatives such as IDS (International Data Spaces)*1 and Gaia-X*2 in order to share data among a large number of companies. From the concept of data sovereignty to architecture, they actively discuss and publish concrete plans.
Among those efforts, the IDS Reference Architecture Model (IDS-RAM)*3 has influenced the development of the Gaia-X concept*4 and particular data sharing projects, such as Catena-X.
This document describes the results of research on "connectors," which are the core technology of data exchange including data access control, while referring to the IDS-RAM and other related materials.
One of connectors, Eclipse Dataspace Connector*5, is expected to be developed based on the major policies of Digital Sovereignty and Decentralized Design. The core functions are thought that the implementation will continue to progress actively with major changes. For example, as of June 2022, a number of improvement activities related to the Event Framework, a component which responsible for event handling within the connector, have been proposed and are being implemented. Also the IDS module is being cleaned up.

NTT DATA keeps to research and contribute the ecosystem of connectors.

Kentaro Kakui

Senior expert, NTT DATA Corporation

He has experiences working as a researcher in the field of IT management and data management. Prior to that, he has also worked as an engineer of storage management software.

Masaru Dobashi

Executive IT specialist of IT platforms,
NTT DATA Corporation

Masaru Dobashi leads research and development of the secure data processing, cross-enterprise data sharing and analytics platforms. He has Publications regarding Apache Spark, Apache Kafka and Machine Learning Engineering.

Dataspace Connector Survey Report: Overview of IDS-RAM and Eclipse Dataspace Connector

NTT DATA's Focus Technologies

NTT DATA's Focus Technologies support the structure of today's society and serve as the foundation for future evolution.

Identifying and Developing Cutting-Edge Technologies on a Global Scale

NTT DATA plans to establish Innovation Centers around the world to create technology-driven innovations and accumulate know-how on the use of world-class advanced technologies, while actively participating in joint R&D activities with customers involved in advanced initiatives in various regions. In addition, we have established CoEs in growing business areas and working on developing a set of technological assets that can be shared globally, with the purpose of business expansion in several years.

Academic Collaborations

NTT DATA collaborates with world-class academic institutions and startups as part of our research and development activities. Embracing an open innovation approach, we strive to innovate at the intersection of industry, academia, and startups. Together, we explore and develop game-changing technologies and innovative solutions that benefit businesses and society.


Academic collaborations

NTT DATA's Foresight on Technology and Society

Anticipating the future, NTT DATA provides insights into where technology and society are headed to be able to support society’s transformation.
NTT DATA Technology Foresight is the compass needle that points at the trends in IT technology currently leading the way, defined based on in-depth research.


Digital Technology Director
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