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The Human Body for Kids & First Kids on Mars

NTT DATA Romania, Romania

NTT DATA Romania has been sponsoring two big events "THE HUMAN BODY FOR KIDS & FIRST KIDS ON MARS" since 2019. Both projects, are based more on education and culture than just IT education. The purpose of the events is to educate and help young age children to explore things like the Universe or the human body and learn about Space or Anatomy. To explain better and have a good interaction with kids, the events use AR Technology.

"The Human Body for Kids" is an interactive and educational exhibition, specially designed for children, in which they are encouraged to touch, play, ask questions, explore and learn about the human body through an extraordinary adventure. The event will take place from February 14 to March 1, 2020, in the Atrium area, at Iulius Mall Cluj.

"First Kids on Mars" proposes a unique concept of spending time for educational purposes: an adventure on Mars, in an unforgettable circuit. In the main atrium, children will be dressed in astronauts, being able to choose what kind of costume and accessories to wear. They, guided by animators, will test the skills of cosmonauts in various missions and will learn about gravity in the solar system. Then the children will prepare, on a control panel, the launch of a missile on Mars, following the instructions to press the correct buttons.

The activities carried out had a great impact on the local community but also from other counties because it aroused the interest of parents but also of children due to the technical equipment with which children were welcomed but also due to the technologies used.
Our future plans are to extend the number of kids who participate at this activities and to expand this project in all our country.



SUSTAINABILITY > Community > The Human Body for Kids & First Kids on Mars

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