Culture & Values

NTT DATA aims to ensure that many of our activities are aimed at ensuring that all employees, internalize the common core values of Clients First, Foresight, and Teamwork.

Our Values Built Culture

It is very important for all employees working in more than 50 countries to have the common core values of Clients First, Foresight, and Teamwork so that cross-border teams can work together effectively and autonomously with the same values for a diverse range of clients.
Since 2014 Values Week has been an important activity which takes place in the last week of May. Workshops and discussions are held across the organization to get employees thinking about and sharing our core values and Group vision.

“Our three core values: Clients First, Foresight, Teamwork unite our employees across 50+ countries.”

Executives Meet the Next Generation

NTT DATA places great importance on communication between employees. Even in the midst of the global pandemic, we have been fostering teamwork and improving employee engagement through ingenuity.
One of these is an open line of communication between young employees and management, which includes various events such as forums and casual dialogue sessions where young employees discuss topics of interest.
Based on the fact that it is the younger generation that will sustain and develop the company in the future, senior management listen to their ideas and utilize them to help formulate mid- and long-term strategies. On the other hand, younger employees hear about the direction of the organization and current issues directly from senior management, which leads to more autonomous action.
NTT DATA will continue to be a company that listens to the voices of all employees through activities such as these.

Flexible workstyle unleashes innovation

At NTT DATA, employees enjoy a flexible workstyle. We promote a better work-life balance, innovation, and creativity for all. With advancing technology, many of our employees work a combination of on-site and remotely.
In each country, various innovations are being introduced to maximize team performance when teleworking, such as the use of virtual office tools and avatars to stimulate communication.
As an IT company we will continue to strive for a work environment that enables people to be effective in all conditions.

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