Volunteer Activities

NTT DATA has a strong commitment to helping tackle social and environmental issues around the world through volunteer activities.

Volunteer Activities

NTT DATA organizes volunteer activities for employees to participate within their communities worldwide. We believe that by supporting local communities, the environment and disaster relief, it will have a positive impact. These events can range from planting trees, painting schools, cleaning parks, to conducting food donations, helping the underprivileged, and extending aid in the event of a natural disaster.

This photo shows our NTT DATA Romania Young Talents Community offering Christmas gifts to the kids from Magic Camp Association.

Global Volunteer Week

“Together Giving, Create Big Sharing”

NTT DATA is committed to corporate social responsibility globally. Volunteer Week is a co-organized program by both company and employees and it has been held annually since 2016. Even during this pandemic, this initiative continued. We feel supporting society as part of the community is more crucial during this time.

Here are some photos from NTT DATA Vietnam. Employees' donations were delivered to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, North Quang Nam Hospital and Angel Orphanage, wishing the kids a joyful Christmas.

As for our team in India, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made efforts with virtual sessions of 3,000 volunteer hours globally with two fundraisers and four webinars. We were able to raise $4,750 for 466 food kits donated to the Joy of Giving Campaign across India and $9,315 raised for Toys for Tots U.S., almost doubling our goal of $5,000.

“NTT DATA has a strong commitment in helping to tackle social and environmental issues around the world through social contribution of volunteer activities.”

Fund Raising Activities for Charity

At NTT DATA, we are always focused on how we can give back. In September 2020, our team from the UK took to the Chiltern Hills for a socially distanced alternative to this year’s Big Ride for Africa, following on from a virtual event in September.

The team raised money for Street Child, an incredible charity that works tirelessly to help ensure all children – wherever they live – have access to education.

As charity sponsors, and together with the team’s efforts, they raised an amazing £20,000. Watch the video below to see how they got on.

Provide IT Experience for Children

We provide IT experience and education to children in various locations worldwide.
In Italy, one of our employees initiated a school project, teaching coding in many elementary schools across Italy, involving a big group of enthusiastic colleagues. The course is open to all small programmers and programmers of elementary and middle school.
This photo shows an IT classroom at an elementary school in Italy, where the coding class is conducted.

In Japan, we have the widespread activities of NTT DATA Academy, in which we provide IT education to elementary school students. In doing so, we give children opportunities to familiarize themselves with IT, stimulate their interest through fun courses, and encourage them to create their own future. All in all, we wish to nurture more of our future society IT pillars.

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