In this digital age, securing systems and organizations is one of the biggest risks facing all businesses. With proven experience and a next-generation cybersecurity portfolio, we are trusted advisors guiding your businesses' secure transformation.

Trusted by being secure

Cyber threats are increasing in frequency and potency, and organizations need to establish cyber resilience to secure their businesses and customers.

NTT DATA has innovative security experts and cutting-edge technologies at our disposal. We offer a comprehensive range of services encompassing strategy and technical consulting, security measure implementation, and managed security services. We can provide security solutions that align with your business goals and meet your cost and regulatory requirements by leveraging our considerable experience working for clients in all industries. We bring together our strategic network of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and delivery centers and substantial R&D resources to aid your goals.

Cybersecurity Services

Governance Risk and Compliance

Understand current risk exposure and impacts of regulatory compliance and ensure security projects and investments are sustainable.

Digital Workplace Security

The nature of work has changed, and the modern enterprise collaborates with business partners and customers, alongside IoT and AI to empower the adaptive enterprise. NTT DATA empowers your organization to be able to work securely from anywhere and on any device.

Intelligent Network Security

Design processes and leverage services and technology to improve your security posture for your network.

Cloud Security

Leverage security frameworks, data protection, and security infrastructure for success — no matter where you are on your cloud journey.

Identity & Access Management

Secure business transformation through digital identity management and ensure your people have appropriate access to resources.

Application Security

Combine elements of application testing and technical consulting to improve the maturity of your software development lifecycle and improve your application security posture.

Data Security

Prevent data leakage, gain unprecedented visibility and protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Managed Detection and Response

Secure your enterprise with our modern security operations center capabilities that is focused on quickly detecting, investigating and actively mitigating incidents.

Cybersecurity Expertise

Number of cybersecurity professionals


NTT DATA currently employs more than 5,500 security professionals highly specialized in various industries and technologies around the world.

Number of security services clients served / year


NTT DATA delivers a comprehensive range of services encompassing strategy and technical consulting, security measure implementation, and managed security services to clients globally.

Number of Security Operations Centers (SOCs)


Security Operations Centers in strategic locations so NTT DATA can solution to meet cost and regulatory compliance requirements.

Success stories

For an International automobile manufacturer, design and delivery of a solution for Plant Security

For an International automobile manufacturer, design and delivery of a solution for Plant Security

One of the largest Japan’s automobile manufacturer with about 1,000 subsidiary companies and affiliates involved in the production of automobiles, automobile parts, and commercial and industrial vehicles.

Business need:
  • - Focus on the design, implementation and operation of cyber security controls for the European plants.
  • - Security Maturity Assessment of 8 plants across Europe.
  • - Analysis of cybersecurity impacts on human lives, operations and product quality.
  • - Define policies and management procedures for Asset Management.
  • - Define roles and responsibilities for operations activities.
  • - Design the architecture to allow secure remote access support.
  • - Define monitoring perimeter and OT Detection solution.
  • - Implementation of Incident Management practices.
  • - NTT DATA has gathered an international team with specialists from various European countries to meet the customer's needs which Italy plays a key role.
  • - Highly challenging project demanded multidisciplinary skills involving the fields of industrial automation, safety and security.
  • - NTT DATA accredited as a company capable of covering the gap between business needs and production aspects.
  • - Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of industry security standards, specifically ISA/IEC 62443 and NIST 800-82r2.
  • - Enable transformative Industry 4.0 innovation technologies to increase productivity and operational efficiency in a secure manner.
  • - Enable a secure integration between OT and IT systems (Manufacturing Execution System and Enterprise Resource planning).
  • - Better understanding of the causes that can lead to a disruption and its possible impacts.
  • - Accurate, centralized and automatically updated inventory of company assets.
  • - Proactive cyber risk detection and effective incident response.
  • - Secure remote working with managed and monitored infrastructure access.
Cloud Security Migration

Cloud Security Migration

North American FORTUNE 200 company that is one of the world’s largest consumer products companies. It operates worldwide and is supported by an employee base of approximately 7,000 employees. 

Business need:
  • - Securely architected Azure Cloud instance
  • - Migration to the Cloud
  • - Accommodation of Client’s architecture and core technologies to enable Client’s Cloud strategies, agile adoption, and automation focus, while complying with Client’s security, risk management, and governance policies.
  • - Cloud Security Managed Services
  • - NTT DATA provided Architecture design of secure Azure Cloud
  • - Securely configured and implemented new Azure Cloud instance for Client.
  • - Providing Cloud Managed Services including Security Managed Services
  • - Cloud Security Managed Services include Azure AD, Key Vault, Secure Configurations, Microsoft Defender for End Point, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Container Security/Encryption, Managed Firewalls, VPN, Compliance and Remediation, Network Access Control
  • - In the process of deploying Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • - Implemented best practices to optimize SOP
  • - Providing Security Architecture Services
  • - Automate remediation/self-healing
  • - Service Level Improvements
  • - Shift left/improve resolution timeframes
  • - Decrease support costs and helpdesk tickets
  • - Next Generation solutions/improved security posture
  • - Support model optimization
  • - Scalable growth
  • - Protection of hybrid environment
  • - Thought leadership and innovation through continuous improvement process
  • - Reduction/Prevention of Shadow IT
Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Global healthcare solutions company that incorporates product manufacturing, distribution support, and innovative technology services. FORTUNE 500 company with operations located across North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America with 15,000 employees.

Business need:
  • - Consolidate multiple Business Unit’s into one secure infrastructure
  • - Business Partner who is not just an “Order Taker”
  • - Complex enterprise operating environments, different process, capability & taxonomy
  • - Different security solutions within Business Units
  • - Reduction in circuit costs, software and hardware licenses and support
  • - Reviewed list of solutions and recommended tool consolidation or transformation to next generation solutions such as SASE
  • - Provided Information Security Manager to provide Service Delivery Management, contract governance and thought leadership
  • - Migrated current infrastructure to Hybrid Cloud
  • - Reviewed current processes and improved and expanded capabilities at a lower cost
  • - Solutions include IAM, SOC/SIEM, Threat Hunting, Incident Response, Vulnerability Management, Key Management, Azure AD, SSO, MFA, Cert Management, EDR, PAM, WAF, Next Gen Firewalls, VPN, SASE and UAA
  • - Significant savings in reduction of circuit costs with implementation of SDWAN/SASE
  • - Cost reduction by tool consolidation
  • - Next Generation solutions/improved security posture
  • - Improved Support Model
  • - Thought Leadership and Innovation
  • - Service Level Improvements
  • - Operational Improvement
  • - Improved Incident Handling and Response
Customer Identity and Access Management Solution for Banking Services

Customer Identity and Access Management Solution for Banking Services

Leading Italian banking group with approximately 25,000 employees and 5,000,000 retail customers. Implementation of SCA, 3DS, SCA functionalities through the adoption of commercial security solutions

Business need:
  • - Enable customers access control infrastructure in compliance with the PSD2 directive and other compliance requirements
  • - Support and protect credit cards payment mechanisms (3DS and 3DS2)
  • - Introduce Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Dynamic Linking mechanisms for transactions
  • - Support more than one SCA methodology including Fallback solutions
  • - Increase security levels by replacing custom components with market solutions
  • - Make the solution easily scalable in order to handle a growing workload.
  • - Migration from the current custom solution to the identified solution
  • - Implementation of the new access control infrastructure and Strong Customer Authentication solution. Modification of the new onboarding processes of the new infrastructure.
  • - Use of ForgeRock Access Manager to handle access control and of Entrust IdentityGuard for SCA
  • - Introduction of the Dynamic Linking feature on all devices
  • - Risk-based authentication: Integration with the anti-fraud engine both during the authentication (login) and authorization phases (including handling of additional authentication factors if needed)
  • - Introduction of standard protocols such as OpenID and SAML
  • - Decrease of login time with a 5:1 ratio between custom and commercial product.
  • - Increase of security and decrease of operating costs through the adoption of market solutions.
  • - Simplification of patch management processes
  • - Decrease of go-to-market times for access control and authentication features
  • - Fulfillment of compliance and auditing functionalities already considered for commercial products
Network Visibility and Threat Detection in OT

Network Visibility and Threat Detection in OT

Leading chemical and pharma company based in Germany. It operates about 60 production sites globally for pharma and crop science and has more than 99,000 employees

Business need:
  • - Significant increase of cyber attacks
  • - Regularity requirements as part of European critical infrastructure
  • - Business requirement to improve the visibility and transparency of the complex Operational Technology (OT) environment
  • - Regulatory requirement to improve security of pharma production sites.
  • - Strategic goal of extending Industry 4.0 architectures and resulting increase in cybersecurity risks
  • - Different OT technologies in different countries
  • - Lack of security know-how in factories.
  • - No global OT security alignment
  • - Global rollout of OT threat detection solution including: Architecture, Site preparation, Shipping support incl. tax handling, Local installation and configuration, Alert tuning, Local training of sites, SOC connectivity
  • - Global collaboration of NTT DATA’s OT security teams
  • - Local support in more than 20 countries
  • - Asset discovery, risk assessment, vulnerability assessment for the production site
  • - Analysis of traffic flow
  • - Connectivity to customers SOC and implementation of OT SOC processes
  • - NTT DATA finished global rollout of OT threat detection and visibility solution
  • - Complete Assets inventory (Visibility) in OT of all production sites
  • - OT Threat Detection incl. SOC alerting up and running
  • - Operational SOC services for all OT sites.
  • - OT Security improvements
  • - Technical risk assessment
  • - Risk mitigation strategy
  • - Fulfilment of regulatory requirements

Global Partner Ecosystem

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Cybersecurity Community Involvement


ISACA values NTT DATA’s work within the cybersecurity community. NTT DATA’s support for talent enablement and diversity in cybersecurity education/careers through OneInTech helps us prepare the generation of today for the problems of tomorrow.


Working groups are the foundation of the way that we solve cybersecurity challenges. The research from NTT DATA, Marymount University and CSA enriches our understanding of the existing landscape of risks, defenses, attacks, and adversaries. CSA values the partnership, research and contributions by NTT DATA to the community on cloud security.

Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance

Marymount University

The collaboration between Marymount researchers, NTT R&D and NTT DATA has helped push the boundaries of our capability to detect, protect and respond to cyberattacks in the new digital enterprise. Marymount University appreciates working together with NTT DATA in partnership to build a better, more secure world

Diane R Murphy, PhD
Director, School of Technology and Innovation


M4.0: Enhancing Cybersecurity’s Role

M4.0: Enhancing Cybersecurity’s Role


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