Environmental Business Activities

We will continue to aim at reducing the environmental impact of our entire society by providing IT solutions.

The NTT DATA Group declares in its environmental policies, "We are promoting environmentally-responsible system development."
Under this slogan, we are striving to exercise our ingenuity in various ways to ensure that our IT solutions enable our customers to reduce the environmental impact of their business activities.

The provision of IT solutions—one of the major services of the NTT DATA Group—causes electricity consumption to increase. On the other hand, it can achieve energy and resource saving by cutting down the consumption of materials and energy as well as diminishing the need for actual movement of people and goods. We will continue to aim at lessening the environmental impact of our entire society by providing IT solutions.

Areas where our IT solutions can reduce the environmental impact (Examples)

Electricity used for system equipment
  • Minimize the electricity consumption by consolidating and downsizing servers
  • Cut down waste by using long-life products
Consumption of materials and energy
  • Digitize periodicals to go paperless
  • Reduce the use of paper by promoting online application and other methods that do not require printing documents out
Movement of goods
  • Decrease the fuel consumption of transportation vehicles by making full use of IT
Movement of people
  • Reduce the movement of people by introducing online application, teleconferencing and telemedicine
Manpower operations
  • Decrease manpower operations by promoting computerization and automation
  • Lighten the search load by digitizing the data searched for