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The digital transformation to a CRM platform that fosters growth

Wealth Management Company Mutuactivos Journeys to a Customer-Oriented Company.

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Mutuactivos, a wealth management company from the Mutua Madrileña Group, was faced with many issues related to their customer management platform.
Services Provided: CRM digital transformation and migration to Salesforce

Business need

Improve the customer relationship management which was impacted by the limitations of the former CRM platform. Provide both the call center agents in charge of attracting new clients and the specialized advisors in charge of managing a portfolio of clients, with a series of support tools that would reduce management times and improve the level of customer service offered by the teams.


Replacing the current CRM with a more complete system that would help advisers offer a better service to their clients.


  • Increase in the quality of the service was possible because of the higher volume of detailed information about the clients
  • Reduce response time due to centralizing all customer requests
  • Increased number of leads managed on a daily basis due to a significant reduction in the duration of interactions
  • The conversion rate increased once the agents had a access to a more complete set of support tools
  • Appointment confirmation became quicker and more efficient with the new CRM
  • Reduction in reaction times due to custom dashboards in the CRM
  • Increased productivity due to an improvement in the management of the business agenda
  • Identifying household units became possible with the new CRM which made assessments more accurate and ultimately, the service more customized to the client’s needs
  • Increase in the number of contact requests managed
  • Boost in number of appointments done
  • Increase in number of clients retained in cancellation requests
  • Better management of the opportunity cycle

Comments from Customers

Sales Advisor, Mutuactivos

“Salesforce has significantly improved our day to day productivity. By being able to synchronize with Outlook and other similar programs, we’ve become more efficient in managing our portfolio of clients.”

Sales Agent, Sergesi

“The new CRM is very modern and easy to use. It’s also completing many tasks that we previously did manually which has allowed us to focus on the most important thing - offering the best possible service to our customers. ”

Project History

Mutuactivos is a wealth management company and part of the Mutua Madrileña Group. It manages capital of over 8.450 millions euros and is the “independent wealth management company with the highest business volume in Spain” in 2020.

As part of the Mutua Madrileña Group, Mutuactivos was using an adaptation of the custom-developed CRM solution developed in-house at a group level. Even though it had been adapted to the needs of a wealth management business, the CRM presented some limitations which consequently had a negative impact on the customer management, a vital part of the business.

The context and limitations of the former CRM solution

Mutua Madrileña wanted a partner capable of defining a solution, executing the project from the planning phase to the implementation, integration and start-up. Due to the multidisciplinary team everis, an NTT DATA Company, having both the technical side found in the Salesforce team of experts, and the business team which specializes in the financial industry, everis was chosen to manage the project.
The team began by conducting a gap analysis in order to understand the needs of the business and what the current solution was offering. The analysis identified that the CRM had a series of limitations that prevented an efficient customer relationship and therefore, was impacting the business’s objectives, which were structured in the following categories:

  • Technology architecture - Among the most important technical restrictions were the fact that the user needed access to multiple systems for customer management, the CRM did not provide an “opportunity cycle” management integrated with the core or the fact that advisors who regularly visit clients outside the office don’t have a mobile version of the CRM
  • Business Process Transformation - An example would be that the agents weren’t able to have a global vision of their client portfolios
  • Customer Data Analysis - There were various sources of data which made it difficult to have a global vision
  • Customer Service Experience - The client information that was gathered was insufficient which made a negative impact on the quality of the service provided by the agents
  • Marketing Experience - Limitations such as the fact that communication with the client was decentralized or that the agendas of the advisors were not integrated with the CRM, were making simple tasks such as scheduling a meeting with a client, a difficult task
  • User Experience - There were not enough tools available for the agents such as follow-up reports, which made offering a high quality service to their clients challenging

The most appropriate solution available which would solve all the limitations of the current CRM and also meet the business needs, was a Salesforce solution developed by everis. The new solution is not only adapted to the business but it also has a set of management support tools specifically created for the agents.

Integrating a Global Customer Management Process

The integration with the new CRM made a clear improvement to the way both the call centers and agents work in relation to the new leads and the current customers. Implementing an appropriate CRM to the business needs of Mutuactivos allowed the sales teams to distribute the leads better, allocate them more effectively and ultimately, increase the conversion rate. The new lead management process functions by the following parameters:

  • The call centers gather all the leads in the CRM. The new platform documents incoming calls, is integrated with digital leads and auto-dealer and it also records proactive campaigns. The lead requests a contact from any channel that is registered in the CRM and is sent to the auto-dialer who then calls the client immediately.
  • Once a lead is created, an agent can select the appointment with the best available advisor sending automatic confirmation to the client. The new CRM has a guided sales process, allowing agenda synchronization and is even optimized for appointment creation.
  • The new opportunity cycle management has direct access to the core integration.
  • Once a lead becomes a client, it is assigned to an advisor which now has a Client 360 View, can manage all activities, has access to household unit information, meeting minutes and all the campaigns of the client. With the new tools, advisors can offer a better and more customized service to their portfolio of clients.
  • Communication with the customers is now easier due to improvements such as being able to attend the requests sent by the client through different channels and retention is higher due to newly implemented processes and survey integrations.

With this complete process defined and implemented, everis has achieved a qualitative leap in two key aspects:

  • - internal by defining a new digital solution design, improving the user experience and offering their team of agents the indispensable tools to have a global vision of their portfolio and gather all the necessary data to offer a high quality service to their clients
  • - external by enhancing the customer experience in the areas of service, sales, and marketing


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